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Frequent Asked Questions

Water activated Kerchillers are easy to activate. Simply SOAK, pat DRY, and ENJOY. The cooling polymer crystals absorb hundreds of times their weight in water. Ensconced in 100% cotton fabric, these two components work in concert to create an evaporative dynamic, as the cotton begins to ‘wick’ the moisture from the polymer.

Kerchillers are hand washable, gently, with mild detergent. Use a small amount of soapy water and rinse well. This also ‘refreshes’ the moisture that evaporated since it’s last soak. If your Kerchiller become excessively soiled, dry back out to crystal form before giving the fabric a good scrubbing. Be sure to air dry your Kerchiller at all times, unless it’s completely dried back out to crystal form. At that time, it can be stored away until next use. Re-soak as needed.

Depending upon your Kerchiller product, it will stay cool anywhere from several hours to several DAYS at a time, with NO additional hydration. In excessive heat, rotate the Kerchiller occasionally to generate additional evaporative cooling.

DO NOT FREEZE your Kerchiller.  This can damage the cooling polymer. If you would like additional cooling, Kerchillers can be refrigerated, or very briefly stored in a cooler, but it is not necessary. It is important to keep the fabric dry so that your Kerchiller can breathe and create it’s signature evaporative cooling.

Oversoaking your Kerchiller can stress the fabric and the seams, or even burst the Kerchiller, so be sure to keep an eye on it while it is activating. If it gets too full, simply lay it out on the counter to dry out some. If you have a fan handy, all the better.

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