About us


Cooling folks since 2001, Kerchiller cooling neck wraps were conceived by three elementary students who were assigned, as part of their educational instruction, the task of creating or improving a useful product and bringing it market. From there, they designed the original Kerchiller Cooling Neck Wrap. The enterprising inventors realized they were onto something. Driven by an innate love of learning, with the assistance of their teacher, they established business operations. They cultivated their successful start-up while learning the importance of sustainable business practices and social responsibility. This is how Just Chillin’ LLC was founded.


At Just Chillin, LLC, we are guided by the principals of hard work, ingenuity and unflagging determination demonstrated by its impassioned founders. We believe producing quality cooling products that provide safety and protection from heat, is a worthwhile undertaking. Award winning Kerchiller products exemplify those core values. We are dedicated to innovation in personal cooling and soothing heat products that empower users to reach their individual performance apex, safely and naturally, in addition to protecting and fostering others in the pursuit of their goals, by producing high quality products, in an ethical, sustainable, manner.

Triumph Superbike Classic 2014